Melee Battlegrounds is a Kingdom Warfare & Player-run Economy game.
Experience medieval life on an Epic scale in Third & First Person.

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Climb your way to fame through skill-based combat, as an aspiring city builder, a commander of men, with the mighty pen of a politician, or a simple merchant. Your choices. Your story.

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Melee: Battlegrounds features various Gamemodes with different playstyles and goals.

Meet hundreds of other players on epic medieval battlegrounds. Control your warrior in Third or First Person View, battling it out in a reaction-based combat system. Various game modes for different playstyles ensure that there's something for you: duel, round‑based teambattles, castle assault, competitions and a huge sandbox where players build societies and conquer land to seize control.


Construct outposts, villages, towns, cities and castles. The world is 100% player-driven.


Fight as a single soldier in huge epic scale battles or take control and command troops into the fray.


Practice or Duel in single combat or compete as a team against others for fame and glory - every mistake can get you killed.


In Melee: Battlegrounds you control your character directly with mouse and keyboard, not unlike an FPS. You can level up your character to better suit your combat style, but to really make a difference it's your own player skill that matters.

You can control the direction of swings and blocks with your mouse - you need quick reaction and an understanding of your immediate surrounding to survive an encounter unharmed.

Level up your individual character, creating a completely unique warrior, fit for the combat style you want to bring to the Battleground. There are no predefined classes - anything goes.

Choose from hundreds of different weapons, including Swords, Axes, Maces, Polearms, Lances, Spears, Bows, Crossbows, Siege Equipment and Horses. Select a fitting outfit for your soldier, by picking from dozens of individual wearables with unique stats.